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Why Should You Choose Collaborative Divorce?

What is the Collaborative Process?

The Collaborative Process is an alternative, non-adversarial way to resolve a couple’s issues when going through a divorce. It is one of several options to consider when getting a divorce. This process helps maintain the privacy of the families and participants involved, create a mutually beneficial parenting plan when children are involved, and empower the divorcing couple to maintain control over the outcome of their case.

Why the Collaborative Process?

This is a great option for almost all divorcing couples to help resolve marital issues peacefully, without the intervention of the court. There are many reasons to seriously consider the Collaborative Process. This alternative allows you and your spouse to control the process and make final decisions rather than a judge. Costs are manageable and usually less expensive than litigation primarily because of the team approach and efficiency of joint expert, but also because the timetable is much shorter than litigation. The process, discussion and negotiation details are kept private and do not become a matter of public record. This can be particularly helpful if there are sensitive family issues, such as substance abuse, mental health issues, or family businesses at stake, although maintaining privacy during a divorce would be important to anyone.

Who Should You Hire?

To engage in the collaborative process, each party must hire their own attorney. Find a family lawyer who has received specialized training in the Collaborative Process. Collaborative practitioners engage in training with other collaborative professionals to better understand the process, its legalities and the positive impact it can have on potential clients. It also gives them a chance to hone their skills as legal professionals and promotes consideration of not just the client’s matter, but also their family and health throughout the dispute and beyond. A collaborative practitioner engages a team of neutral professionals, such as financial experts and mental health facilitators, who all work together with the common goal of helping you develop a peaceful, out-of-court resolution in a respectful and dignified manner.

How Do I Start?

Carina Leeson, Esq. was collaboratively trained over ten (10) years ago and has since attended numerous advanced trainings. She is active in the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida, on the Board of Directors for the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. She works with a network of other collaborative professionals and is happy to discuss this option with you and the benefits to you and your family.

Kendrick Law Group is dedicated to representing you in your Family Law matters in the way that best protects your rights and property. To find out if the Collaborative Process is best for your case and your family, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our Family Law attorneys to discuss your options.

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