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Why Choose an Attorney Owned and Operated Title & Closing Company

The benefit of an attorney owned title company is that the attorney is there with you in the closing and can answer any questions that you may have. Also, all documents are prepared by the attorney, including any additional documents that the lender or the title company may require.

Many people would rather handle their buying and selling of real estate on their own without involving a third party. Transfer of ownership of a real estate property can, however, be marred by anguish, delay and complications arising from either party. It might not be possible to speculate on the possible roadblocks you will face as a buyer or a seller and to avoid being caught up in the middle of it all, hire an attorney owned and operated Title company. The debate on whether to use a title company or a real estate attorney does not seem to have an outright winner, and when you work with Park or Champion Title, you get to have both. It is important to work with an attorney owned and operated Title for the following reasons;


Title searches


People who have used an attorney-owned and operated company are happier and more content with the outcome of a transaction. In choosing to work with such a company, you are not acquiring legal representation but rather working with a team that has legal knowledge and expertise to deal with issues that arise in home ownership accounts. While you expect the staff at any firm to be diligent in what they do, experts who work in attorney owned and operated Park & Champion title companies diligently and professionally handle all examinations of title documents and searches. With trained legal personnel & attorneys working directly on an account, it means that any legal issues that may threaten the closing of a sale are resolved within reasonable time.


Hidden title hazard insurance services


Experience opens the eyes to trends that lead to certain situations and this is the reality when working with a company that has worked on numerous closing situations. An attorney owned and operated Title Company takes sellers and buyers through the possible title hazards that could arise before, during and after a transaction because they have happened to other people. Champion & Park Title are companies that enlightens you on how to stay protected using title insurance.

Having a team of attorneys working full time on a home closing transaction means that title defects can be identified early giving enough time to the buyer to address them before moving forward with the purchase. Title insurance unlike other forms of insurance does not cover the policy holder for loss or damage of property but rather against loss of legal rights to the property. Owing to the nature of this insurance coverage and its specialized function, only a reputable title company such as an attorney owned and operated business can be able to facilitate it.


All inclusive service


An attorney owned and operated Title Company apart from offering all the services required by a homeowner when disposing off their property, is also licensed to operate in the entire state of Florida. Sellers and buyers must be assured that the company they are dealing with is knowledgeable in the handling of both commercial and residential title, escrow services, closing services, and even provision of useful information concerning real estate transactions.


All the functions discussed above are complex and tedious and if a regular attorney would be used to perform them outside the closing arrangement, the fees would be rather costly. Our attorney owned and operated Title Company are the guarantee that every home owner needs that their property is in good hands whether they are selling or buying.

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