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When should you hire a forensic accountant in your divorce case?

Whether it’s in preparation of litigation or the collaborative process, a forensic accountant can be an important part of your divorce team. When there are significant financial issues at stake, you should consider hiring a forensic accountant sooner rather than later. These experts are adept at sorting through finances and tracking where money is and has gone. Having a forensic accountant involved from the beginning will save you time and money.

Issues that require a forensic accountant include complex division of assets and liabilities, alimony and child support, especially where disposable income of self-employed individuals are involved. If you and your spouse have separate accounts, a forensic accountant will be useful for making sure all assets are accounted for.

If alimony is an issue, there will likely be a needs or lifestyle analysis to determine an appropriate range for alimony. Asset tracing and comingling analysis may be needed if there are disputes regarding what is non-marital or marital or if there are claims for an unequal division of assets or liabilities.

If your spouse has dissipated, or wasted, marital assets, a forensic accountant can perform an analysis to assist your lawyer in proving your claim. An experienced forensic accountant can expedite resolution in your case whether it is for settlement purposes or expert testimony in Court.

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Co-written by Spenser Nampon, Law Clerk

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