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What you don't know about Family Law

Family legal matters are inherently stressful.

This includes, but is not limited to: Contrary to public opinion, many family law practitioners are not pro divorce. We work diligently to mitigate this stress and help our clients achieve the best outcome in the interest of their family.

Collaborative divorce is a useful option for many involved in the divorce process; because the focus is on minimizing the drama/stresses and collectively deciding what is best for the future of all involved. The goal is for all parties, attorneys, financial and mental health professionals to work “together” as opposed to “against” one another. This form of divorce works in all situations, but particularly successful in splits involving businesses, mental health issues, high net assets or special valuation needs. Although not without its stressors too, the certified collaborative team can make it much less so, while working towards a fair and acceptable outcome for all parties.

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