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What Are “Unbundled” Legal Services? | Kendrick Family Law Division

When you opt for unbundled legal services, your attorney breaks down their duties associated with your family law matter and provides counsel only in the areas you need help with. You assume responsibility for doing everything else.

Examples of unbundled legal services include:

  • Legal research

  • Document review

  • Organizing discovery materials

  • Drafting contracts and agreements

  • Advising on court procedures

  • Limited courtroom appearances

  • Preparing for a deposition or hearing

  • General case strategy planning

The biggest benefit to you as their client is that you don’t have to come up with an expensive retainer or keep paying out more money in legal fees as the case progresses.

For example, when your case begins, you may need an attorney’s help in preparing and filing your divorce petition. After that, you’re prepared to represent yourself. Alternatively, you may need more assistance with issues such as child custody and dividing the marital estate as well as going to court for these matters, but are confident when it comes to filing documents. You decide what services you need, and pay only for those. Nothing else.

Unbundled legal services allow people with limited financial resources to engage quality legal counsel for parts of their case that are especially pivotal. When a marriage, especially one involving children and significant assets, comes to an end, not understanding your rights or making a procedural mistake can mean the difference between getting what you are entitled to and having to settle for less.

If you need Florida divorce assistance while working with a budget or simply prefer to manage your own case, contact Kendrick Law Group Attorney Carina Leeson, Esq. today. Carina Leeson, Esq. is an experienced and compassionate advocate for her clients, and will make sure you understand all your rights and responsibilities.

Carina has been trained as a Collaborative Practitioner since 2010. As such, she encourages her clients to consider the Collaborative Process for their family law matters, which is a voluntary, out-of-court process that empowers her clients to fashion their own resolutions to best serve their needs and those of their children, rather than having a stranger in a public courtroom decide. Through the Collaborative Process, she has helped restructure families in a private and respectful manner that protects their confidentiality, preserves their assets and, most importantly, prioritizes their family relationships. Carina’s professional mission is to make a positive impact on the divorce process so that families going through this extremely challenging transition have better results.

While she believes many, if not all, cases can be successfully handled through the Collaborative Process, Carina also has over 15 years of experience litigating family law matters and has successfully appealed family law issues to the Fourth and Fifth District Courts of Appeals. Carina serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals, as a Board Member of Angel of Hope Central Florida and is a Member of the International Academy of Collaborative Lawyers and the Central Florida Family Law Inn. She was named to the Super Lawyers’ Rising Star List 2011-2012.

Even when you are engaging her help with only certain aspects of your family law matter, she will thoroughly educate you on the possible outcomes to your case, so that you can make an informed decision. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 407-641-5847 today.

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