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Valentine’s Day and Divorce: A Popular Pair

Valentine’s Day is finally here, which at first glance, means candy, chocolates, cards, and romance. However, what many may not know is that Valentine’s Day is a time in the year where people choose to end their relationships and marriages.  According to, a website that offers free ratings and profiles for lawyers, statistics show that divorce filings surge by approximately 40% around February 14th. Additionally, the number of people seeking advice about divorce soars up to about 36%.

Divorce lawyers all around the country have attributed this phenomena to a number of reasons. Some say that the statistics are due to people waiting until after the holidays in order to begin the divorce process, or people going forward with their New Year’s resolution to be single. Others correlate the statistics to people waiting on the actions of their spouses on Valentine’s Day in order to decide whether to reconcile or file for divorce. Another explanation can be that January is the busiest month of the year for bankruptcy filings, giving weight to the financial problems that often divide couples.

At the Kendrick Law Group, we recognize that divorce is a difficult and often traumatizing time in life. If you are one of the people considering divorce or if you have any questions about it, don’t spend another Valentine’s Day unhappy in your marriage. Contact us in order to receive professional guidance throughout this difficult process. We are able to make the experience a positive and effective one. You can reach us at 407-641-5847 and

Co-Written by: Samantha Sauer, Esq. and Alekssandra Lopez, Law Clerk

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