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Using Profiles and Assessments to Optimize Employee Performance

Gaining a better understanding of your employees’ traits and roles within any business is extremely valuable. Assessments that identify and validate potential strengths and weaknesses are commonplace in large corporations, but the methods and results can be just as valuable in any size business.

Tests like DISC, MBTI, Hartman Values, and others, can help you shape your employee’s role within projects and teams to fit their individual strengths and weaknesses. For instance, someone who loves details and accuracy might be the best researcher for a project, while someone who loves to collaborate with others could make a great coordinator on a project.

The tests also reveal who on your team might work well with others and who would do best working alone. You will also gain a better understanding of how to motivate and communicate with your employees and teams. This level of insight into your workforce will improve and allow your business to work more productively, communicate more effectively and be a more cooperative team.

As a workplace tool, DISC Profiling is among the most widely accepted metrics in developing teams. The assessment starts with a series of questions. The answers generate a detailed report about their personality and behaviors. This personality test focuses on traits such as “Dominance” (how direct and confident someone is), “Influence” (a person’s openness and desire to collaborate with others), “Steadiness” (how calm and sincere a person is), and “Conscientiousness” (a person’s focus on quality, accuracy and details).

These profile help participants understand; (1) how they respond to conflict and solve problems, (2) what motivates them or stresses them out, (3) how to work better as a team by avoiding conflict and improving communication, and (4) how to shape communications and customer service to different customer personality types.

As a leader these profiles help you better understand your work and leadership style. You can become more effective at managing your team by knowing what drives your employees to perform

When used effectively, these tests increase productivity, teamwork and communication, leading to a happier and more profitable business.

The Kendrick Law Group can help you identify and facilitate a variety of personality assessments to help you take your business to the next level. As part of the business structure and strategic guidance that we provide, we also offer a variety of personality assessments to business clients of all sizes. For more information contact attorney Sarah Marotta Geltz, Esq. at 407-641-5847 or

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