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Taking Control of Your Divorce Costs

Every divorce case is unique. Most can agree that almost any divorce will be an expensive process. Though it is impossible to exactly predict how your divorce case will play out, there are ways to help you take control of your divorce costs. Here are some tips to help you contain those costs:

  1. Understand the process. The most important first step is to understand the divorce process. Speak with your attorney openly and ask questions to better understand your unique role in the divorce process. Your attorney will explain all foreseeable phases of your case and can help you understand the costs of each.

  1. Patience is a virtue. Likely what will make your divorce a more efficient one is patience. We know that may be more easily said than done but having patience during your divorce doesn’t just help the process, it also helps you. Like most things, they don’t happen overnight. Take some time to consider any options you may have throughout your divorce case and avoid making any impulsive decisions that may become costly.

  1. Honesty is the best policy. Lying is never your best option and your attorney will likely share this sentiment. Divorce can be emotional, and your attorney understands the impact that it likely will have on you and your family. Be as transparent and truthful as possible with your attorney so they can give you the best options as you proceed through your case. Lying about or failing to disclose important information and developments can lead to a longer and more costly divorce case.

  1. Be willing to compromise. It is important to get organized and determine what you want out of your divorce case. Don’t be afraid to use “I” statements and be clear about your position or interests. You may need to be willing to compromise with your spouse. Having reasonable expectations and working to keep the process as amicable as possible will make for a shorter and less costly divorce.

  1. Know your rights. Your attorney is your best source for legal counsel with regard to your rights and interests throughout your divorce. Be sure to ask questions and be as informed as possible before mediation. Being as informed as possible when entering into any negotiation with your spouse can help preserve your credibility and ensure that you get what you deserve.

  1. Be open to mediation. Perhaps the most daunting and emotional part of your divorce, mediation is designed to help you and your spouse come to important agreements and avoid litigation. Litigation is more costly than mediation and to help keep your divorce costs low, you should work to amicably arrive at agreements during mediation. Mediation gives you the power to make the important decisions for your family without the intervention of the court or judge. Be sure to play fairly during your mediation and rely on the counsel of your attorney. While they don’t attend mediation with you, they can help you prepare prior to negotiation.

  1. Trust yourself and your attorney. You’ve probably heard a million and one stories about couples who’ve experienced a horrible divorce with unpleasant outcomes. Family and friends may try to offer advice or shape your opinion of your divorce. While the support of your friends and family is definitely important, understand that each and every divorce case is unique and you’re in capable hands with your attorney. Trust in their counsel and in your own direction throughout your case.

The Kendrick Law Group is dedicated to providing you quality legal counsel and protecting your interests throughout your divorce case. To learn more about how our experienced attorneys can help you or to schedule a consultation, contact us today!

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