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Successful Steps In Surviving Divorce

In the US over 50 billion dollars a year are spent on over one million divorce cases.  It may seem like a tangled web of complex situations when dealing with a divorce but we at The Kendrick Law Group feel your pain and want to help by sharing some helpful tips for a successful divorce.

Hire an attorney! Even if the divorce seems amicable, an attorney will work in your best interest. Mediation is a good start to the process. There may be unknown aspects of your divorce and an attorney will help you from being blindsided. They will focus on legalities and help educate you on proper processes. It’s important to have preconceived practical notions of what you want to achieve. Your attorney can help guide you thru to setting expectations that work towards achieving a reasonable result.

Be aware of ALL your finances. Mind your money by taking stock of your finances. Start with an inventory that looks at your bank accounts, retirement accounts and credit cards. Focus on the future financially for your best course of action. Ask yourself; can I afford the upkeep and mortgage on my own? Is it best to let the house go? What would I do if my checking account and credit cards were closed tomorrow? Your attorney can help guide you to making smart financial decisions in your best interest.

Plan for the future. Don’t just get caught up in the here and now, by preparing for the road ahead.  Focus on five years from now. Without clarity of your future goals you may not be able to analyze what is the best course of action. For instance; How will timesharing with any children involved play out in the future?  If you know you can’t afford to keep some assets, then maybe it’s better to cut a deal that gives you a certain amount of time as well as a cutoff date for when you leave and you take the equity with you.

Be compassionate with yourself.  Learning to forgive yourself and realizing that your past decisions don’t have to burden your future ones will be an important step to moving on. The relationship may be over but rise above and find a way to persevere. Take time to mourn. The relationship was real, everyone recovers differently. Start a new hobby, exercise, and most importantly schedule some “me” time to allow healthy life distractions. As difficult as it may be, keep your emotions in check; especially during hearings, mediation and trial. This is a good time to rely on your friends and family for emotional support.

Although sometimes the relationship may already be over, planning will help you learn to rise above and find a way to persevere. The person you once trusted, whom was your closest ally has turned so it will be important that you educate yourself and know your options. Being prepared and smart about your decisions is important. Your spouse may be planning ahead and so should you.

If you or someone you know is in need of a family law attorney, call the Kendrick Law Group at 407-641-5847 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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