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Setting Up A Nonprofit Organization Successfully

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The Kendrick Law Group understands that running a successful non-profit organization has significant differences from running a for-profit business. Upon deciding a focus area that you wish to serve, our attorneys suggest the following questions be answered to ensure that your nonprofit organization is established successfully:

  1. What will the name of your organization be? Have you registered with the state?

  2. Have you developed a mission statement and plan of action, known as a Strategic Plan?

  3. Have you sought the advice of an attorney and/or accountant to understand the tax laws and expectations related to establishing and maintaining your organization?

  4. Have you determined whether you are eligible for 501(c) status?

  5. Have you established a thorough set of by-laws to govern your nonprofit?

  6. Have you consulted an attorney to determine how to incorporate your organization and prepare your 501(c)(3) tax paperwork?

  7. Have you established a sound board of directors?

  8. Have you established a bank account under the name of your organization?

  9. Have you established an annual budget and funding plan? How will you track financial matters?

  10. Have you filed all necessary local, state and federal documentation and obtained appropriate certification?

This list is not exhaustive of our attorneys’ abilities, as there are several additional personal and specialized services that our attorneys provide. Contact the Kendrick Law Group today to discuss the formation of your nonprofit organization. (407) 641-5847

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