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Selecting a Registered Agent for my Business

Businesses in Florida must designate a “Registered Agent.”  This designated individual (or entity) is in charge of receiving official notifications and service of process for legal matters on the business’s behalf.

A valid registered agent must certify that they have a physical address and be available during regular business hours. A business may not name itself as its own registered agent, but an individual shareholder, member or officer may name themselves as the entity’s agent. This may seem like the logical solution; however, the designation should be considered carefully. Often naming an attorney as the registered agent can benefit the business for a multitude of reasons.

Expertise and Efficiency in the subject matter Attorneys are well versed in procedure related to service of process and other legal documents. They have both the training and experience to fully understand the importance of those documents and what should be done upon receipt. Many business owners may not and upon receipt may lose valuable time trying to determine next steps. An attorney registered agent can help ensure any legal matters are timely addressed and that the business owners are fully apprised of the matters immediately. This will allow them to get ahead on understanding any potential case presented and help the business owner fully understand what is going on. If you are served or named in a lawsuit you can give yourself an edge by minimizing your response time and having your counsel immediately available for your attorney to manage the matter.

Reliability and Consistency Another important function of the Registered Agent is to receive official notices,  such as annual report reminders from the State. An attorney agent is ethically bound by the obligation to provide diligent representation. An attorney will not forget to follow through with tasks such as filing annual reports. Business owners are often focused on running their businesses – and the administrative matters can slip through the cracks. Letting your attorney handle these matters ensures you have timely and accurate reporting.

The Kendrick Law Group offers designated Registered Agent services for a wide variety of businesses across multiple industries. Our attorneys have the experience and capability needed to keep your business informed and in compliance. If you have any questions, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and find out if our services are right for your business.

Co-written by Spenser Nampon, Law Clerk

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