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Reopening Your Business After Covid-19

Coming out of an unprecedented year with times of quarantine, distancing, and isolating, it can be confusing navigating the reopening of your small business. Small businessowners have to face many questions. When should you reopen? What kind of measures should be taken? What challenges will come with reopening? Here are some things to think about when considering reopening your small business after the pandemic.

Each business will be affected differently. A restaurant has to consider different factors than a retail store, for example. Some businesses were able to easily shift to a remote model, but some business operations are impossible to do in this way. Consider the following with your business: the ability to enforce social distancing, the level of contact with customers and other employees, and how difficult it would be to handle an employee who may test positive. With a restaurant, a server testing positive is enough to reclose the business. However, if you have a marketing or accounting team member test positive, these positions can be more efficiently switched to remote without affecting the in-person operations.

Have a plan in place in case of exposure to the virus. Creating a plan will require thorough examination of your business’s internal and external factors. Striking a balance between having a detailed plan that covers every part of your business and being able to adapt to whatever the pandemic may throw at you is crucial.

Most important, however, is safety. Keep a close eye on Florida’s regulations and stay up to date on any changes. Since Florida regulations are mainly decided on a county-by-county level, it is important to be familiar with the distinctions in rules for every county in which your business is located. This will help understand the regulations that you must adhere to. Enforcing a high standard of hygiene will also greatly increase the safety of your business. Encourage proper handwashing, teach coughing/sneezing etiquette, and update your disinfecting and sanitation practices.

At Kendrick Law Group, we understand the uncertainty that small business owners are facing during this time. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to guide you through a plan that will keep your business safe. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about creating a reopening plan.

Cowritten by Layne Cohen, Law Clerk.

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