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Regulatory Compliance of Physician Practices

Regulatory compliance in the context of physician practices refers to adherence to laws, rules, policies, guidelines and specifications relevant to the practice or facilities business operations.

As more rules have been implemented, compliance programs have become the norm in many organizations. We now see regulatory compliance officer positions with the sole purpose of ensuring the organization conforms to legal mandates.

Disregarding or violating regulations can have serious ramifications for businesses and organizations. Without proper compliance programs in place your office could be at risk for sanctions, audits and substantial fines.

The Kendrick Law Group understands the importance of an organization’s compliance.

The Office of the Inspector General has published guidelines that provide a framework for creating policies designed to keep your practice in compliance. There are basic core components that provide a solid basis upon which a physician practice can create a voluntary compliance program:

  1. Step One – Conducting Internal Monitoring and Auditing

  2. Reviews of Standards & Procedures and a Claims Submission Audit

  3. Step Two – Implementing Compliance and Practice Standards

  4. Developing a method for addressing risk areas

  5. Step Three – Designating a Compliance Officer or Contact(s)

  6. Responsibility of developing a corrective action plan

  7. Step Four – Conducting Appropriate Training and Education

  8. Development of education programs tailored to the physician practice’s needs

  9. Step Five – Responding to Detected Offenses and Developing Corrective Action

  10. Development of action plan to respond to problems/violations

  11. Step Six – Developing Open Lines of Communication

  12. Development of clear open-door policy between the physicians and compliance personnel and practice employees

  13. Step Seven – Enforcing Disciplinary Standards Through Well-Publicized Guidelines

If you would like to get started in ensuring your organization’s/business’ compliance standards are met, give The Kendrick Law Group a call today 407-641-5847.

Co-written by: Kirsten Williams, Law Clerk

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