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Proactive vs. Reactive: The Case for Concierge Law

Small business owners are constantly facing huge financial, personal, and legal decisions. These decisions are sometimes made even more difficult by limitations such as time. While attorneys can help with these decisions, is it better to talk to an attorney up front before the decision is made, or to get help from a lawyer if the decision turns out to cause harm to the company? Here are some things to think about when comparing the benefits and downfalls of proactive versus reactive legal help.

When most people hire a lawyer, it’s for reactive help. Something has gone wrong, and they need a lawyer to help them fix it. This is when a business owner already has a case that needs to be dealt with. If someone has a claim against the business and the decision that could have prevented this issue is unable to be reversed, then reactive legal help is what this businessowner needs. However, a lot of time and money can be saved by turning to concierge law, a proactive form of legal help.

A concierge lawyer is a trusted advisor who can help clients make informed business, personal, financial, and legal decisions without worrying about hourly billing. Many small business owners will avoid legal advice on the front end because of the possibility of high cost. A concierge lawyer is able to give concise and customized assistance to the client with whatever they may need. This method gives the business a head start for success, as many potential legal and financial issues will be dealt with before they even arise. With a concierge lawyer, a small business owner can get individualized guidance on their business and how to efficiently operate without fear of breaking the law or making a harmful financial decision. Concierge lawyers are trained to look out for the best interests of small business owners. Proactive legal methods can be one of the best ways to jumpstart success in your small business right from the start.

At Kendrick Law Group, we understand that starting and owning a business comes with many questions and big decisions. Our expert attorneys are trained in concierge law methods to guide your business to success right from the beginning. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your small business.

Cowritten by Layne Cohen, Law Clerk

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