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Not-So-Independent Medical Examinations

What are Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)? 

During your personal injury case, an Independent Medical Examination may be requested of you and its findings may be used. An IME is an examination performed by a doctor approved by the insurance company that will be paying the claim. The doctor will examine you to understand and evaluate your injuries.

With Personal Injury Protection (PIP), the exam is covered by Florida Statutes §627.736(7). The insurance company requesting the exam must pay the costs and the exam must be done in a location where the insured is receiving treatment, in the municipality where the insured lives, or within 10 miles by road of the insured’s residence.


A Compulsory Medical Exam (CME) can be requested by any party to a personal injury court case. The CME is more frequently requested by the defendant’s insurance company to dispute the plaintiff’s injury claims.

What does that mean for my personal injury case?

IMEs and CMEs are great tools to prevent fraud. However, the expert medical professionals hired by the insurance companies to perform the IME often work solely for and show a bias to the insurance companies. These doctors may have differing opinions of your injuries than those of your treating medical professionals and may present their opinions of your injuries based upon that bias.

We at the Kendrick Law Group are dedicated to providing you quality legal representation and protecting your rights throughout your case. Talk to your attorney before your IME appointment. They may have special insights and advice that can be helpful during your examination.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, Don Morrell at the Kendrick Law Group can help you with your Personal Injury case. 407-697-5409

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