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New year means New Year’s resolutions!

Warning: More than half of all resolutions fail, but this year, they don’t have to be yours. If you’ve already slipped, you’re not alone.  I must admit to making my fair share of resolutions that I didn’t keep, but a few of them have paid huge dividends for my life. As I think about which ones have been most successful, I realize that I’m best at keeping those resolutions where I committed to take an actual step — not merely a stated goal.

There are some legal resolutions that are fairly easy to keep and can be a significant benefit in your future and that of your family. In this months weekly blog series we will be highlighting legal resolutions because far too many people never talk to an attorney until they desperately need one. Let 2019 be the year you finally get your legal matters in order.

Get Your Business Setup and Organized Small business owners are busy people. It’s easy to forget or delay some important business tasks like getting your business properly setup, having correctly drafted contracts, and having your attorney review leases and agreements before you sign them or looking intothat idea you have which may be deemed intellectual property and you want to protect it.You should also determine if your business is organized in the best way for tax purposes.  These are all very affordable legal tasks when compared to the extreme business-crushing cost of defending a civil lawsuit. Make this the year you finally follow-through on those things you’ve been meaning to get right. Our business law and intellectual property attorneys’ knowledge of business allow them to guide business owners throughout the creation and operation to help you with everything you need.

While it’s wise to eat healthy foods, exercise more, and create a budget, having your personal and business legal matters in order with the right legal documents is a resolution that should be highly considered.  It only takes a minute to call us and setup a complementary consultation, and once you have the appointment you’re much more likely to follow-through!

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