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You probably have an emergency preparedness plan to protect your home and your family in the event of a hurricane, but do you have a plan to protect your important legal documentation? September, National Preparedness Month, is only a few months away and is the month with the most hurricane activity. Don’t wait to compile your documents and protect them from potential flood damage.


  1. Make a list. Start by making a list of all your important documentation. If any of the documents are damaged or lost during a hurricane, the list will help you determine which documents you may have to recover.

  2. Categorize your list.Organize the list of documents by type. For example, you may have important family documents such as birth certificates or social security cards, and it will be helpful to list them together for easy access.

  3. Create a documents binder.You might consider creating a binder with original documents or copies for ease of transport. In the event of an evacuation notice, you’ll want to make packing your documents as easy as possible. A binder can help keep your documents in one place and organized in the way that best suits your family and interests.

  4. Keep documents in multiple places.Creating a binder to secure your documentation is just a first step. You may also want to keep your documents in digital format as well either on a cloud or computer backup. Consider purchasing and utilizing a storage device for digital copies and keeping photocopies of your documents in other places, like with trusted friends or family members. You may also consider keeping any original documentation in a safe or safety deposit box.

  5. Keep documents near.In an emergency situation, gathering any necessities and important items can become chaotic. Be sure to store your document organization system near other hurricane emergency essentials, like your disaster preparedness kit. If you store all the essentials in one location, store copies of your important documents there as well.

It’s important to be as prepared as possible well in advance. With these tips and other common-sense tactics that you choose, you’ll be able to protect your documentation and your family’s interests during a hurricane. In the event of a serious emergency, be sure to keep any important medical and insurance documentation readily available when seeking emergency medical assistance.

The Kendrick Law Group wishes everyone a safe hurricane season this year.

By: Hunter Kelly, Legal Assistant

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