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Harry Reid, the former Senate Majority, made headlines for something other than politics. He sued the manufacturer of an exercise band for negligence and failure to warn the public that the elastic physical resistance band was “unreasonably dangerous,” particularly for the elderly like himself.

In his case, the jury found in favor of the manufacturer. The manufacturer argued it was not certain the exercise band used by Mr. Reid was of their brand because the one in question was thrown away by family members.



Juries decide court cases using admissible evidence. It is important to understand that not all evidence is admissible in court. Evidence exists in video, photographs, clothing, equipment, tools, vehicles and even weather patterns understood through meteorological events. In the event that your injury is sustained in an auto accident, your vehicle may contain valuable information in an Event Data Recorder (EDR). It is critical that the data be preserved immediately following a crash.

Medical records, medical billing and witness statements can also provide important information to tell your personal story to the jury.

Preserving the Evidence

Important evidence for your case may not be in your possession or under your control. Your attorney will need to send a preservation letter to those in control of the evidence compelling them to preserve it. Physical evidence may need to remain in a location away from tampering. You should immediately collect and maintain any other items with potential relation to your case. All witness statements should be taken quickly and completed with someone who can help the witness recall relevant memories.

We at the Kendrick Law Group provide you quality legal representation and protect your rights throughout your case. Talk to your attorney to discuss any legal question. Be sure to contact your attorney before any IME or CME appointment you may have. They could provide special insights and advice that can be helpful during your examination.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, Don Morrell at the Kendrick Law Group can help you with your Personal Injury case.

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