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Do I Need an Employee Handbook for My Business?

While an Employee Handbook is not required by law, some policies that are important for both employers and employees are. All Florida businesses should consider creating a handbook that outlines the important policies and procedures observed by the business. Not only can a handbook provide employees with clear knowledge of their job responsibilities and workplace expectations, but it creates a sort of contract between employer and employee as to how the business should run most effectively.

As mentioned, federal and state law may require a business to follow certain policies and procedures. One such requirement is covered under the National Labor Relations Act, which protects an employee’s right to form or join a union, or to engage in discussion with their employer to improve working conditions or wages.

An Employee Handbook is more than just an outlining of policy and procedure. A handbook can address certain workplace expectations set forth by an employer, such as appropriate workplace attire or a code of conduct. Businesses should also consider adding an “open-door” policy or other procedure that lets employees know that they are welcome to address concerns openly with their employer.

An employer might also address certain safety concerns, such as those necessary if employees engage with children, an injured party, or machinery. Likewise, an Employee Handbook can outline proper sanitation and cleaning procedures which may be necessary if the business engages with consumable products or hazardous materials.

An Employee Handbook can also be helpful when there is reason to terminate the employment of an employee. To protect the interests of the business and the employee, it is important to clearly define the terms under which an employment may be terminated. This can provide an employer or manager with objective measures upon which to judge the performance of an employee, rather than simply providing subjective criticisms.

There are no particular standards when creating an Employee Handbook, though you may come across general templates provided either by an attorney or through the web. However, your handbook does not have to be without charm or personality. There’s always room for a little personal touch in a business’ handbook and a bit of style can create the perfect tone for the working environment for both employers and employees alike.

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