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COVID-19 and Divorce

A global pandemic is enough to shake the foundation of any part of your life. It has closed businesses, sent students online, and impacted relationships. It’s no surprise that this virus has the potential to increase the divorce rate in the US, which is already at 50% for first-time married couples, and even higher for subsequent marriages.

COVID-19 has forced dramatic changes in daily life in such a short amount of time. The virus has also created or intensified stressors like financial worries, boredom, inactivity, and conflict over things like household chores, work-from-home spaces, and children. Couples that had these problems underlying before the pandemic hit have been forced to face these problems every day without a healthy outlet or escape. With gyms and sports facilities closed, there is not a healthy way to exert pent-up energy. With a whole family at home 24/7, it’s difficult to find time to yourself to gather and process your thoughts. Without separation between time at work and time at home, it is harder than ever to keep work stress away from your family.

For couples that decide affirmatively that they want a divorce, quarantining during a global pandemic can be especially difficult. A couple trying to divorce will only have their conflicts exasperated by having to share everything from a bed to a workspace without a definite end, the inability to move out in the current real estate market, and the financial hardships of possibly losing a job.

While actual statistics on quarantine divorce rates are hard to find (mostly because regular life still isn’t back to normal), most law firms and lawyers reports having a higher number of divorce inquiries during this time. Undoubtedly, as the pandemic has affected every part of our lives, COVID-19 will surely have some effect on the American divorce rate. 

Kendrick Law Group understands that divorce can be a difficult thing to deal with, especially under the weight of a global pandemic. Our attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate a divorce in these unprecedented times. Contact us today for a socially-distant consultation.

Co-written by: Layne Cohen, Law Clerk

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