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Collaborative Divorce and Children

Divorces strike a huge mental and emotional toll not only on the divorcing couple, but also on their children. Volatile divorces can lead to lasting depression and trauma for children and severely damaged relationships with their parents. Through Collaborative Divorce, a couple can work together to find the most desirable outcomes from divorce for their unique family.

Just as children do not choose their parents, they also do not choose their parent’s divorce. Collaborative Divorce provides neutral ground for a divorcing couple to find desirable outcomes for both parties and the children. It takes the divorce decisions out of the hands of a judge and allows the separating couple to determine their own results through teamwork and mutual agreement.

Collaborative Divorce removes the adversarial litigation aspect of divorce which is often the source of negativity and contempt throughout a divorce proceeding. In turn, this may also remove children from unnecessary stress and, instead, expose them to constructive behaviors as their parents work together to reach solutions to their problems. Children may also feel better about the situation as a whole since their needs and wants will be considered and addressed directly by their parents in developing a parenting plan.

A Collaborative Divorce Team will often include a Child Specialist who is available to facilitate consideration of your child’s needs and wants moving forward through the Collaborative Process. They provide a neutral outlet of communication for your child, and, as a licensed mental health professional, can recommend a parenting plan that will work best for your individual children. A Collaborative Divorce can mitigate and even eliminate lasting trauma to your children that is associated with divorce.

Divorce is difficult for everyone, including your children. Don’t let them suffer more than they have to.

Kendrick Law Group is dedicated to representing you in your Family Law matters in the way that best protects your rights, property, and your children. To find out if the Collaborative Process is best for your case and your family, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our Family Law attorneys to discuss your options.

Co-Written By: Spencer Nampon, Law Clerk

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