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Co-parenting during Quarantine

This is a hectic, and stressful, time for families. This can be especially so for families with split parenting. We have included a few tips below to help you navigate your timesharing issues during this time while protecting your interests and you family’s health and wellbeing.

Firstly, you and your family’s health and safety is the top priority and should be the primary concern through this process. This will be a stressful time for children and can cause anxiety for them, especially since they are not in their typical routine. It is important that you maintain as much normalcy for them as possible during this pandemic and refrain from creating any additional stressors. You should maintain your timesharing schedule and access to the other parent as much as you can.

To limit the amount of transfers and time your family is out, it may be beneficial to agree with your co-parent to go to a week on/week off timesharing plan, rather than swapping every few days. Larger chunks of time may limit your exposure. This ultimately is a decision for you and your co-parent to weigh in consideration with how timesharing will progress during this time. Ultimately, you should come together to determine what scenario is best for your child and come together as a unified front for your child. This security between you and your co-parent will help ease any anxiety your child has during this time.

You should create a plan with your coparent to figure out ahead of time what to do in the event either (or both) parents are exposed or begin showing symptoms. It would also be prudent to create a plan if one or more children become ill.

For parents who are long distance, or cannot use in person timesharing, take advantage of virtual programs. You can use facetime, Facebook video, Skype or any other video communication platform available to you. Limit distractions around the child so that the parent and child can spend as much valuable time together as possible (or as long as you can keep little ones engaged in a single activity at once).

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