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Choosing the Right Collaborative Lawyer

More often than not, the intense process of litigation isn’t the right direction for two people trying to get a divorce. If you want privacy and mutual understanding in your divorce, then collaborative divorce may be right for you. Choosing the right lawyer for this unique process can be difficult, so here are some things to think about as you start your search.

For the collaborative process, each party needs to hire their own collaboratively trained attorney. This will take a family lawyer with advanced training and is experienced in the collaborative process. Collaborative attorneys are different from other family law attorneys in that they work with a team of neutral professionals, like financial experts and mental health facilitators, also who have been collaboratively trained. This team of people will assist the divorcing couple in building settlement options for a peaceful and healthy out-of-court resolution.

When searching for a collaborative attorney, try to get referrals from someone you know who can recommend a firm, and then search their family law attorneys. For collaborative law, it is very important to find someone that is experienced with this type of divorce. It takes certain expertise and teamwork with counsellors and financial experts, also who are collaboratively trained.

Carina Leeson of Kendrick Law Group has over ten years of advanced training in the collaborative law process. She has a special focus in fostering an environment of respect and dignity between parties, especially when minor children are involved. With almost twenty years of family law experience, Carina can help you with the divorce process without the costly, stressful, and public worries that come with litigation. Contact the Kendrick Law Group today to schedule a consultation to learn more about Carina Leeson and the collaborative law process.

Co-Authored by: Layne Cohen, Law Clerk

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