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Choose Collaboration after Quarantine

Precautions against spreading COVID-19 have halted life as we know it. Quarantine and shelter-in-place orders are forcing many couples to spend much more time together than they are used to. Many experts agree that two things will explode in the aftermath of the coronavirus: babies and divorces.

In light of one of our previous posts, Coping Together Through a Collective Crisis, we understand that not all couples can temper their tempers. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, it is expected that some will have no choice but to tackle the problems of their relationships directly and instead of coming out on the other side stronger than before, some marriages will fail. It is always heartbreaking to see a couple separate, but the process does not have to be entirely mottled in negativity –  collaborative divorce can turn a divorce proceeding from a brutal siege into an amicable goodbye.

A collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial divorce proceeding that avoids court interventions. It gives power over decision-making to the separating couple instead of a judge, given that they can come to a consensus. This includes timesharing plans for children. Not only does the Collaborative Process allow the separation to end amicably, but it also tends to be less expensive because it is a much more efficient process that promotes resolution of your divorce much faster than traditional litigation. The confidentiality of the process also protects the privacy of your family and very limited information is available on the public record as opposed to a traditional court file.

Each party must hire their own attorney in a collaborative process, who in turn will engage with a team of neutral professionals, such as financial experts. Collectively, the collaborative team will develop a peaceful, out-of-court resolution that results in a “win” for both parties.

Carina Leeson, Esq. was collaboratively trained over ten (10) years ago and has since attended numerous advanced trainings. She is active in the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida, on the Board of Directors for the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. She works with a network of other collaborative professionals and is happy to discuss this option with you and the benefits to you and your family.

Kendrick Law Group is dedicated to representing you in your Family Law matters in the way that best protects your rights and property. To find out if the Collaborative Process is best for your case and your family, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our Family Law attorneys to discuss your options.

Co-written by Spenser Nampon, law clerk

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