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National Parents Day - Tips for Co-Parenting

In 1994, Congress unanimously passed “The Parents’ Day Resolution” establishing the fourth Sunday of July as a perennial day of commemoration. On this day each year, Americans recognize outstanding parents, celebrate the teamwork in raising children, and support the role of parental guidance in building a strong, stable society. Throughout the nation in almost every state, community leaders organize Parents’ Day events to honor parents.

As a collaborative divorce attorney, celebrating Parents’ Day takes on an even more significant meaning. Why? Co-Parenting during and after a divorce requires more teamwork with a former significant other in raising their children. Unlike litigation a Collaborative Divorce provides a process that prioritizes your family relationships, especially when children are involved. Living in separate households requires additional coordination and efforts by Co-Parents. Responsibilities and duties that may have been primarily assumed by one parent or the other during an intact marriage may now become responsibilities that both must do on their own during their respective timesharing. Divorce does not make you less of a parent…it calls for you to be even better.

Here is a summary and link for a few great tips for successful Co-Parenting from HelpGuide:

  1. Set hurt and anger aside

  2. Improve communication with your co-parent

  3. Co-parent as a team

  4. Make transitions and timesharing easier

If you are contemplating divorce or want to learn more about the Collaborative Divorce Process, please contact Carina Leeson, Esq. at Kendrick Law Group.

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