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In the wake of the death of a close friend or family member there are several ways you can start the healing process. Consider these important points:

  1. Mindfulness Meditation– Studies have shown that daily meditation can help process grief. For more information about how to conduct mindfulness meditation specialized for grief, watch this video.

  2. There will be ups and downs- Good days and bad days are all part of grief. Feeling like you are on an emotional rollercoaster is normal. Expect highs and lows. Be gentle with yourself as you ride the waves of grief; it doesn’t always have a beginning, middle, and end.

  3. Eat Mindfully- Intense emotion and grief can wreck your eating habits. Be sure to eat mindfully. Some people can’t stomach food, while others eat excessively when they are sad.

  4. Life Continues- The bills don’t stop coming, your responsibilities will not take a back seat to your grief. Much like a divorce or sudden lost, it is important to stay organized and be on top of your commitments.

  5. Get up and move- Exercise has both emotional and physical benefits. Be sure to exercise during times of sadness.

  6. Lean on your support system- Reach out to people you know and trust. Talking with others is a healthy way to process your grief.

  7. Don’t beat yourself up, healing takes time- make a checklist of goals related to your grief. Become organized and resilient, even if some days you have no interest in accomplishing anything.

At the Kendrick Law Group our attorneys regularly work with individuals and families who are experiencing major grief. While it is not easy, processing your grief in a healthy way can be done. Whether it be a divorce or the death of a family member, be sure to do all you can to remain healthy (both physical and emotionally).



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