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4 Questions You Need to Ask Your Lawyer Before Picking a Law Firm

Hiring a law firm to represent your legal needs is a big decision. Most people will go through life without ever having the need to contract with a law firm. However, when you need legal services, it is paramount that you pick the right firm.

At the Kendrick Law Group, our firm operates on the pillars of honesty and transparency. Just as we don’t take on any case, you shouldn’t hire any attorney.

Here are a few questions we recommend you ask your prospective law firm (and us!).

Have you handled this type of case? If you were the coach of the New York Yankees, would you entrust Game 1 of the World Series to someone who is pitching their first big league game? We think not. While experience isn’t everything, it is important.

Have you handled this type of case? Legal communities are small circles, often lawyers appear in front of the same judges for different cases. Having someone who “knows their way around” a certain courthouse can be an added benefit.

Base on the facts of my case, what are the likely outcomes? While lawyers cannot guarantee results, they often have an idea of reasonable outcomes.

What will the fees and expenses related to my case be? A good law firm will be transparent about the fees and expenses related to your case. Ask about the fees structure and if something doesn’t make sense, ask for clarification.

Here at the Kendrick Law Group, we will do our very best to ensure your case is handled with the utmost care. We understand that you have many options when it comes to parties that are equipped to handle your legal needs, which is why honesty, transparency, and communication are extremely important to us.

Contact the Kendrick Law Group today for a complementary consultation 407-641-5847.

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